Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: If I sign up for more than one child and multiple sports do I get a discount?
 A: Yes, we have siblings and multi-sport discounts of 10% off!

Q: What age range is this for? 
A: Ages 5-12 for elementary schools and 3-12 at daycares!

Q: Are the coaches background checked? 
A: Yes! All coaches go through a rigorous hiring process, are DCF background checked, and CSA trained. 

Q: How much is the program? 
A: The cost of the program varies per school depending on the length the season/duration of practice! However our prices are typically between $22-$24 per practice (once per week). Please note there is no registration fees, no cancellation fees, and no practice jersey fees.

Q: What if my child doesn't like it? 
A: Although we welcome everyone to the team and hope they enjoy it, we understand we might not be the best fit for some children and families. We do offer full refunds for anyone who requests to cancel within 30 day of registering! We also process refunds for anyone who wishes to cancel that has paid in full for the remaining duration of the season, and will cancel any outstanding payments for those who opt in for a payment plan. 
Q: Do you offer any scholarships? 
A: We are offering two scholarships per program per school. If parents are interested, they can email

Q: Can you prorate the cost of the program?
 A: No, but if you register and need to cancel at anytime just let us know. There’s no contract and no fee to cancel!

Q: Do teachers and staff of the school get a discount? 
A: Yes! Email for more information.

Q: Do all ages play together?
A: It depends on how many students are registered! If there's enough interest in our program, we will separate by age and skill level.

Q: Where do they practice?
A: All practices take place on school property (the outdoor basketball courts or field space). Parents can pick up their children at the courts, field or the front of the school when practice is over.

Q: What if my child is in the extended day program at the school?
A: They can still join the program. After our program ends, we will bring those kids to the extended day program.
Q: Are the T-shirts included in the price?
A: Yes, each child will receive a practice jersey!
Q: Can parents watch the practice?
A: This is up to the school and every school is different. If the school allows parents to come on campus after school hours, then yes we would love the parents to be able to watch their kids play.
Q: Is it required for parents to be present during practice?
A: No. Parents do not need to stay for practice. Their children are our responsibility for the one-hour after school and they are more than welcome to run some errands or stay home as long as they are back in time to pick their kids up as soon as practice is over.
Q: What if my child has never played this sport before?
A: Then our programs are perfect for them! We focus on the FUN that sports have to offer and we work on fundamentals/skill builders every day. Our program is a great way to introduce the basic skills and have fun while learning them.
Q: What if my child already plays on a team?
A: Well they can always join our programs for extra practice and entertainment! We focus on FUN and we work with children from all different skill levels. Everyone seems to enjoy our program no matter how advanced he or she may be because we split children with different coaches based on age AND skill level.
Q: Do you play any games on the weekends?
A: Our program does not have any consistent games where we verse other teams. We play once per week, but we do make time to scrimmage at every practice. However, we do offer two optional tournaments per year that players can register for. These will take place once in the Fall and once in the Spring where students can represent their school and compete against other schools.

Q: What makes us different?
A: We are the most convenient, quality, and fun recreational youth sports program out there! We practice just once a week at your child’s school, we teach the fundamentals of the game, enhance skill level, teach character development (different focuses of each week), send weekly updates via email so parents know what their child is learning at practice, and go on group outings. We even have a competitive option where your child gets to showcase all they have learned at our challenging, yet fun tournaments.
Q: So what is this program all about?
A: We are an after school basketball or soccer program that is here on school campus. We practice once per week, for an hour after school (ex: every Thursday) from Sept – May. We teach our players the fundamentals of the sport, character development, and we have fun. We bring community, family, and fun back to youth sports. Each week we have a new “focus of the day.” For example week #1 We will be teaching our players all about dribbling and responsibility.
Q: Where does my child meet the coaches once school is over?
A: Every school is different, but most schools have the players meet their coaches in the cafeteria. So, as soon as they get dismissed they will meet us in the cafeteria and we will take attendance. Once we have everyone, we will head out to the basketball courts and start practice. We will send you an update via email on the exact meeting location before the program starts.
Q: What does my child need for practice?
A: We require that children are wearing comfortable clothes to play in and closed-toe shoes. Basketball shoes or cleats and shin guards are recommended, but not required to play on our team. Although it is recommended, running shoes or sneakers will do just fine! We also recommend that your child bring a water bottle to practice everyday because it is important to stay hydrated. We will have frequent water breaks throughout practice.
Q: It is too hot outside in the afternoons! How do you practice at this time?
A: The sun is very powerful at this time of day, but we take a lot of water breaks to be sure all of our players stay cool for the one-hour that they are outside. It’s always a good idea to pack a hat and/or sunscreen for your kids to wear during practice. Our coaches can help them put it on if needed.
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Practice usually won't be canceled unless there is extreme weather. We will play under the PE Pavilion or indoors somewhere on campus. We have specific indoor games and activities that we play if this situation occurs. In the case of a cancelled practice, parents will be notified by text, email or phone.
Q: Do you practice anywhere else?
A: No, we only host after school programs, tournaments, private events, or private training sessions.
Q: Do you have any program for my younger child (3 years old)?
A: Does your child go to a daycare? If so, what school (write this down)? We coach at a few daycares in the area and if your child’s school does not already have a program like ours, we would love to bring ours to you! Take our card and send us an email. We will update you once we establish a program for your child to be a part of. We are working on finding a location to practice in the evenings for all ages and we will let you know when it starts.

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