A 5-Star After School Sports Program!

Soccer & Basketball!
Ages 3 - 12 years old! 
Core Sports
Core Sports Academy does not only specialize in one sport, we want to bring our perspective to all core sports in the industry. We currently offer soccer and basketball programs and have mastered our offering with our exclusive curriculum, coaching mentorship, and our emphasis on core values.
Core Values
We use sports as a foundation to teach the fundamentals of sports, but also to emphasize core values. This is an important part of our mission as we strive to instill core values through the fun of sports. Every practice session has a character development "word of the day" that we teach and put into examples through life and sports.

Core Strong
Core Sports Academy's mission is to bring the love and passion of sports to children through after school and community programs while instilling core values and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We accomplish this through engaging curriculum full of fundamental skill builders, character education, and entertaining games that focus on the fun of sports.

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