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Does your child LOVE soccer or basketball? 
Sports themed birthday party?

Package add-ons:
- Face painting- $40 

40-Minute Package:

- 40 minutes of fun games led by coaches

- Birthday star of the day will be able to keep a signed ball (signed by all of the party guests and coaches). 

- ​Goodie bags to send home with every guest.

Starting at $115 (additional travel costs may apply).

Bring us to your event to play fun soccer or basketball games and activities with your child and friends! Our coaches know how to bring true sports entertainment to every event with children of all ages. Our coaches play games that build character development, strength, teamwork, and more!

Call us for the best parties in Central Florida! Soccer, basketball, or both sports birthday party!

We have a couple different party packages that you can choose from:

*All prices are set for 10 children. $5 for each additional child

1-Hour Package:

-Same components as 40-minutes package

- + 1 hour of fun games led by coaches

Starting at $130 (additional travel costs may apply).

If you want us to stay longer than an hour we can customize a package deal that works best for you!