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Core Sports Academy's vision is to revolutionize the youth sports industry, by offering a sports league that has the opportunity to reach every child regardless of location or socio-economic background. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of a sports team. 

We know many communities do not offer sports programs for children, so we are committed to providing these programs in as many locations possible with quality recreational training and an affordable cost.

  We plan on achieving this mission by partnering with schools and community centers in every neighborhood where there is a need, to bring all children a quality and fun recreational sports program. Our program will be conveniently located for children within their own communities and the quality of our program will be like no other recreational youth league.

Core Sports Academy knows that sports are a very important platform to use to help shape the character of a child, as well as instill a passion within them that can last forever.

CSA and our staff truly cares about our players and making an impact in their lives. We believe the children are our future and it is our duty to mentor them into the right direction!
Core Sports Academy’s mission is to bring the love and passion of sports to our students while instilling core values and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We plan to accomplish this through focusing on the fun that sports have to offer with engaging curriculums full of fundamental skill builders and entertaining games.
Core Sports Academy does not only specialize in one sport, we want to bring our perspective to all core sports in the industry. We currently offer soccer and basketball programs and have mastered our offering with our exclusive curriculum, coaching mentorship, and our emphasis on core values.
We use sports as a foundation to teach the fundamentals of sports, but also to emphasize core values. This is an important part of our mission as we strive to instill core values through the fun of sports. Every practice session has a character development "word of the day" that we teach and put into examples through life and sports.

Example: Week #1: Skill of the Day = PASSING, Word of the Day = TRUST.

"Trust your teammates by sharing the ball and pass it to the players necessary to make a goal."
Core Sports Academy has been working in this industry for over 5 years and we have been involved with community sports programs for over 20 years. We currently have 27 programs running all over Central Florida and growing at a rapid pace.

All of our coaches are background checked, head coaches are DCF background check approved (more extensive) and all coaches have years of experience. 

Unlike most recreational sports programs, all CSA coaches are extensively trained. They are required to go through a training process led by owner of the company, Natalie Rogers who is a NSCAA certified coach (level 6 / E license). We make sure our coaches are well equipped with sufficient preparation, training, and a structured curriculum for each session.
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